Large Course Kit

Large Course Kit


Introducing our ZYLASHES luxury supplies. All products in our starter course kit were specifically chosen to prepare you for your success. Set up for success with a kit that gives you every single item you or your students need to excel in the industry. Enjoy all of #ZYLASHES favourite products designed to maximize results.



(3) Classic mixed tray (8-15mm) 0.12 or 0.15 in C ,CC, D or DD Curl

(3) Volume mixed tray (8-15mm) 0.05 in C, CC, D or DD

(4) Volume single lenght tray (8-16mm) 0.05 C, CC, D or DD

(1) Set of practice lashes

(1) Pack of spoolies

(1) Pack of microswab

(1) Pack of lipbrush

(1) PDF Manual

(1) Rapid Glue Adhesive

(1) Cream remover

(3) Tweezers (ZYLASHES rose tweezer, queen isolation & primrose)

(1) Lash Mirror

(1) Medical tape

(1) Microfoam tape

(1) Marble tile

(1) Blower

(1) Pack of glue rings

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